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Representing Gee's Bend Through the Art of Quilting

Mission Statement:

Our grassroots company was created to heal and empower the community, increase the self-worth of its residents, and bring economic increase and job opportunities to represent Gee's Bend's history and the impact our community is having on the art world by enhancing the simple values, treasures, and history of our community throughout our company.

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Authentic Handmade Quilts, Hand-Quilted Items, & Inspiring Book

Liven up your interior spaces and pay homage to a historical struggle with artistic, one-of-a-kind, handmade Quilts from That's Sew Gee's Bend. Recognized worldwide, Sew Gee's Bend is a community of Quilters that have excelled at this craft for many generations. Our ancestors only had one fireplace in their home, so they started making Quilts to survive the cold weather months. Our Quilts are a labor of love and created from the heart, not by a pattern. They convey what a Quilter is going through at that time in their life. Because of this, no two are alike. We also design custom Quilts for various purposes, such as memorabilia.

Other products we make include Quilted pot holders, customized wall art (mini Quilts), exclusively designed handbags, and souvenirs. In addition, our company is proud to present The Gee's Bend Experience by Tinnie Pettway, a local resident and initial Gee's Bend Quilter.

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Tinnie and Minnie Pettway Gee's Bend May Day Gees Bend Back of Book Founding of Gees Bend

Order your copy of The Gee's Bend Experience for a behind-the-scenes look at this rural community through poems, tidbits and short stories.

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Quilt Design & Gee's Bend Sign

Purchase one of our beautiful handmade Quilts to showcase distinctive style.

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Add vibrancy to any space when you buy a Gee's Bend Quilt.

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