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Our History

Our ancestors created hand-Quilted Quilts from old clothing that was too small, things they may have found on the side of the road, and even old farm sacks; nothing was store-bought. The cotton used inside the Quilts was from the field they planted themselves, and there was no batting available. Sometimes, a group of women would work on just one person's Quilt. The ladies would come together to Quilt, sing old hymns, and share stories. Quilting in Gee's Bend was therapeutic, as well as emotional with the Quilters putting their hearts into making them.

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Boykin Mercantile General Store
Boykin Mercantile General Store
 Boykin Mercantile Historical Marker
Historical Marker
Eddie and Minnie Pettway Speaking Up For Voting Rights and RegistrationEddie and Minnie Pettway Speaking Up For Voting Rights and Registration.Times were hard for Gee's Bend.


Hardships to Endure

Back then, education was limited, and there was only one way in and out of Gee's Bend. A ferry once ran across the Alabama River, but this was taken away. The plantation community became isolated from Camden, the county seat of Wilcox County. As a result, Boykin Mercantile was the only general store accessible to vendors. They sold seed for farming crops and feed for the animals. The community hunted, fished, and farmed to survive. Quilting was the other part of the survivors' skills.

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